Saturday, August 2, 2008

Senjyu Sushi

New - Black - Elegant - The new sushi restaurant in Sunway Pyramid - 'Senjyu Sushi'

(white menu cover - Good thing ;) ) i'll give a plus plus plus for the colour and the design

All Sushi(s) were hand made, and some imported from Japan (hmm... imported, still fresh then?)

most of their sushi measurement are 12cm............ yes.. 12 cmI was quite disappointed with the number of selections but maybe cause it's still new. but i did enjoy and i ate a few plates, not full, but worth trying out their new inventions =)

=P''' Yammy Yum yum....

Guess what I got after sushi??

A Tattoo!! it says 'Wu' meaning Dance in Chinese character. ofcos it's not real, just a spray on, but deciding whether to get a real one after this fades off.

And i bought a new bag from Nike - long decision made between total black or this, and my friend Neo says "when i see you, i see you carrying this brown one instead"

Bingo - Buy La!! =)